62 Primary Schools to Re-Open, 32 Not Authorized, 10 Sec Schools to also Re-Open

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

By Brian Atuhura

Following the District Inspection and Assessment Report read yesterday by the Masindi District Inspector of Schools Monica Kiiza, only 62 Primary Schools fulfilled the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) required by Ministry of 

Education and Sports (MOES) to re-open. 32 Schools failed to meet the SOPs.

A total of 94 Primary Schools both Government Aided and Private were assessed by the District Inspectorate Team. 

Meanwhile 11 Secondary Schools were also assessed and of these 10 were found to have the required SOPs for them to re-open on the 15th October for Candidate Classes.

In one of her recommendations, Monica advised all the Schools that Scored below the Passmark to endevour to put all SOPs in place by wednesday inorder to be allowed to re-open. However, She said that there was delayed 

disbursement of Funds to UPE and USE Schools by Government and this affected most Schools in fulfilling the SOPs.

She was delivering a Report on the Inspection of Education Institutions on SOPs yesterday while in a Planning Meeting for re-Opening of Schools held at Masindi Public Primary School.

Speaking in the same meeting, The District Education Officer (DEO) Francis Kyomuhendo urged all School Heads to ensure that they display COVID-19 Messages in School Compounds to create awareness on COVID-19 to the Learners.

He however sounded a warning to all School Headteachers that will tend to relax implementing the SOPs, they risk being substituted by the serious Headtechers since he can not allow the lives of Learners to be put at a risk.

The Ag. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Geoffrey Nkuruziza advised School Headteachers to procure quality hand washing facilities and temperature guns to ascertain value for money since these are public funds.

Nkuruziza further warned Schools that have adamantly refused to account for the Capitaion Grants that were released for second term, saying that they risk refunding the money on an individual basis stressing that these are public 

funds that require accountability for thier usage.

In his closing remarks, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Masindi Martin Mugabi challenged teachers who fail to put on Face Masks while in public urguing that how will they enforce the wearing of masks by the learners.

Mugabi advised schools to have a systematic reporting tool for COVID-19 Positive cases in schools so as not to disorganize the COVID-19 Task Force Committee.

He also urged all School Administrators and Officers at various levels to create income generating projects inorder to allievaite from poverty and retire when they have an economic base.

He however asked teachers to invest much of their resources in educating thier children since education is a key resource in capital development in an economy