Agronomists Urged to Teach Coffee Farmers Modern Agric Practices

Monday, October 5, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
The Regional Coffee Extension Officer from Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has urged Agronomists in Masindi District to teach Coffee Farmers the Modern Agricultural Practices inorder to harness high incomes.
Twine says most Coffee Farmers who fail to apply mulches, adequate fertilizers, proper spacing and pesticides loose alot during the harvesting period since the Coffee Produced is always of Poor Quality and thus attain low income returns.
He disclosed that, a Coffee Processing Plant is in the pipeline among other machines that will increase productivity of Coffee which will in turn add value to the Coffee and hence improve the livelihood of Coffee Farmers.
He said this while training Agriculture Officers in Masindi on Wednesday 30th September 2020 on agronomy of maize and coffee held at he District Council Chambers.
In another development, Richard Muhanguzi an Agriculture Officer for Kigulya Division encouraged Farmers especially those dealing in maize production not to recycle hybrid maize if they want much yields. He also advised maize farmers to always prepare
fields timely, plant seeds in straight lines with proper spacing, application of adequate fertilizers and farmers to weed in time in order to realize optimum output
Muhanguzi said this as he tackled the maize crop