De-Commission Un Healthy Water Sources - Councilors

Friday, February 12, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District Councilors have tasked the Ag. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Geoffrey Nkurunziza together with the District Water Officer Alfred Ocen to de-commssion all un healthy Water Sources in the District.
The Councilors led by Badru Mugabi, Councilor representing Central Division to the District decried the dirty Shallow Wells that they say they have maggots in them and that, the water fetched by the localsis un healthy
and this may cause disease outbreak to the affected residents who use these shallow wells.
The Councilors want the Ag. CAO and the District Water Officer to halt the affected locals from using the shallow wells, inorder to protect their lives.
The Councilors revealed this outcry yesterday during an Ordinary Council Session that was held in the District Council Chambers.