Domestic Tourism at Glance

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
On Saturday 3rd October, expectant hikers boarded off to Nyankunkyu Central Forest Reserve with a motive of hiking Nyankunyu hills and visiting Biizi Multiple Farm for acquiring ultimate knowledge in Modern Agronomy.
Hikers close to 40, were guided to a hiking activity by the Budongo System Range Manager Michael Kusuro who led hikers to hike Nyankunyu hills for about two hours and during the exercise, hikers discovered caves and veiwed Masindi Town and other
neighboring districts while on top of the hills.
Kusuro talked to the District Communications Officer (DCO) about the genesis of Nyankunyu Central Forest Reserve and he explained that, Nyankunyu Forest was gazzetted in 1948 as a water catchment area which enables to attract Relief Rainfall.
He said that, the Forest Reserve covers 466 Hectares of land, and the Government planted 70 Hectares of Pine Trees at Nyankunyu..
He added, within the hills there are tourist attraction sites like historical caves which he said are three on the hill and that one can be able to view Masindi Town and neighboring Districts like Kiryandongo, Nwoya, Hoima, Buliisa, Nakasongola, Kyankwanzi, when
at the pick of the hill
After the hiking activity was done, hikers took a nap and then proceeded to visit Biizi Multiple Farm.
Many Hikers studied and witnessed a number of Projects that John Winter Bagada Operates like Mango Growing, Banana Plantation, Coffee Plantation and Goat Rearing
Bagada, one of the Leading Farmers in Mid-Western Uganda said that he operates in 13 acres of Land to run all these projects
He further explained that, the mango plantation occupies 10cres of land of wich he sells the ready mangoes to buyers and he produces Juice and Wine out of the mangoes that are always very ripe to maximize profits.
Bagada, underscored the need for hard work and commitment by anyone who wishes to reap much from farming.
He said, his projects are highly on market demand because he maintains quality assurance to his consumers.
Many hikers appreciated the hiking experience saying that they were able to see the historical caves which were usually used by the early population and also they learnt how to utilize small pieces of land to carry out farming and attain much output
Meanwhile the Tourism Officer Riita Karungi Appreciated everyone that partcipated in hiking and visiting Biizi Multiple Farm
She said this activity was aimed at promoting Domestic Tourism and the need to appreciate our own cultural sites, she added that many sites within the District will be toured under the campaign of promoting Domestic Tourism
Karungi, later closed the Ceremony with awarding of certificates to all successful participants who took part in hiking Nyankunyu Hills.