Education Stake holders ask government to relax SOPs on schools

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
Education stake holders in Masindi district have asked government to relax some of the Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs)put in place to fight covid 19 in the reopened schools and institutions.
While in aconsultative meeting organised by Forum For Education NGOs in Uganda(FENU) in conjuction with Bunyoro Choice Uganda(BCU)on the challenges facing reopened schools for candidate classes held on Friday 23rd October at the district council chambers.Stake holders in education including,Headteachers,district education officials and education NGOs expressed concern over some SOPs,saying that the issue of every school recruiting anurse to fight covid 19 is achallenge since many don't have the sufficient funds to pay the nurses."it's not practical since many schools are incapacitated financially to recruit nurses and many have limited classroom blocks to maintain the social distancing in classes of 10/15pupils per class,"Education stake holders.
SPeaking at the closure of the meeting,the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC)Masindi,Bahebwa Longino,emphasized that the education stake holders should bare with the health guidelines put in place by Ministry of Health (MOH)to fight covid 19.