Government Lifts Quarrantine in Masindi

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

By Brian Atuhura

Government recently lifted the quarrantine of cattle markets in the districts that had been affected by the foot and mouth disease and Masindi was inclussive.

While presenting the action report yesterday durring the extra odinary council meeting held in the District council chambers, the leader of government business also the district vice chairperson Kassim Kabagonza revealed that following the treatment and assesment of cattle in the affected sub counties of Kimengo and Kijunjubwa, government has now openned the cattle market in these areas.

According to Kabagonza, the lifting of the quarratine in the district will now boost revenue collection and enhancement since cattle markets are a big source of revenue to the coffers of the district.

Government had bunned the sale of cattle in the areas hit by the foot and mouth disease for the last six months.