Kyema Vocational Institute gets a face lift

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kyema Vocational Institute is one of the Vocational Institutions in Masindi that avails both Certificate and Diploma courses inn Engineering under the Ministry Of Education and Sports.

Kyema Vocational Institute was built as a partnership between Masindi District Local Government that availed land and the Elimination of Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Areas project. Targeting the sub-counties of Karujubu and Budongo, the institute exists to encourage school drop-outs to return to formal education in order for them to gain skills for the future. Kyema has no minimum age or qualifications requirements for entry except reading and writing skills. The institute offers training in practical skills like tailoring, carpentry, motor vehicle mechanics, welding, catering, needle and crafts making, brick laying, agriculture and computer knowledge and skills.

Kyema Vocational Intitute with support from African Development Bank under Ministry Of Education and Sports received over  Shs 200 billion from the for infrastructural development. The funds were used for construction of a workshop complex, hostel and sickbay.