Masindi District Council Approves a motion aimed at Conserving the Eco-System to Provide Fresh Water

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District Council has today approved a motion on multi-sectoral linkage in Project Planning, Implementation and Monitoring to provide for Fresh Water Eco-System Conservation in the District.
The Motion was moved by the Secretary for Production, Marketing and Natural Resources Titus Ariyo who uderscored the importance of the motion saying that, if passed into a policy, the District will reduce water
shed degredation and pollution thereby improving the Health of Fresh Water Eco-System.
He was speaking during the Extra-Ordinary District Council Meeting held at the District Council Chambers.
While in his presentation, the District Water Officer disclosed some of the tools that the Policy will use to achieve it's objectives and among them include the environment, impact monitoring form, the environment
management plan tool, the environment certificate and others.
Mean while, Robert Atugonza from Jane Goodall Institute, revealed that their organisation focuses on linking fresh water conservation and water, Sanitation and Hygiene, something he says needs to be incorporated
into the District Policy regarding fresh water conservation so that the community may receive clean and fresh water as well as protecting the Eco-System.