Masindi District COVID 19 Task Force

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The District COVID 19 Task Force is a body that has been put in place to lay strategies that will help in the fight to stop COVID 19 Disease which is spread through the Corona Virus.
The Task Force is Chaired by the Resident District Commissioner, (RDC) who will always work hand in hand with his Deputy, The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) will also work together
with the RDC especially giving technical guidance and support to the Task Force, The District Health Officer, (DHO) will be the Leading Person especially in surveillance and Sighting Health workers
who will be on the front line of fighting this pandemic.

The Task Force hereby calls upon support from the Public and Well Wishers to donate food stuffs, Protection gears and other items to help to give to the needy people especially those who are
not working due to the Lock down.
The Task Force would like to appeal to the General Public that whatever donation that will be donated, there will be transparency and we shall always broadcast and that there will always be free
and fair distribution to the needy group regardless of their Political Differences, Religious Denominations and Other Affiliations