Masindi District recruited IT and Tourism Officers in March 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The main purpose of The IT Officer is to Support the development, usage and maintenance of ICT in the Local Government.

In addition to that,
Providing technical support and guidance on all matters of procurement, utilization and maintenance of ICT hardware and software to the institution.
Advising the Institution on technical installation, priorities, standards, procedures, management and telecom equipment and systems.
Maintaining confidentiality, security and reliability of thye information system.
Maintaining of all Institution computer hardware and software in accordance with the established National Standards.
Reviewing, designing, implementing and maiteining sound Local Area Netwok and Wide Area Network systems for the Institution.
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The Role of A Tourism Officer is to Combine Marketing, Public relations and Management. It also involves lots of Planning and Preparation.

Typical responsibilities of the job include: supervising staff, preparing tourist or visitor information, producing promotional material and displays, managing budgets, writing reports, business plans and press releases,making presentations, maintaining statistical and financial records, undertaking day-to-day centre management and administration, liaising with local businesses and the media market research.
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