Masindi Receives Brand New NUSAF III Vehicle Worth 180 Million Shillings

Monday, September 7, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District on Thursday 3rd September received a brand new White Nissan Double Carbin Pickup Registration Number UG 0991 Z that costed over 180 Million Shillings.
Speaking during the handover ceremony of the new vehicle held at the District Headquarters, The District Chairperson Cosmas Byaruhanga said the Disrict received over 10 Billlion Shillings under
NUSAF III for a period of 4 years, and that the money has been put under good use.
He thanked the government for giving the District a new vehicle because NUSAF III activities have been constrained with a challenge of transport.
Cosmas however, urged the Technical Staff to use the vehicle to conduct NUSAF III activities.
While handing overthe vehicle to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Martin Mugabi cautioned the responsible Officer of the new vehicle against using it to conduct
private businesses.
Mugabi warned to arrest any Officer that will misuse the vehicle.
"If I find the vehicle near a bar with bottles of alcohol inside and prostitutes enjoying the confort of the vehicle, I will arrest the responsible officer but also impound the vehicle". the RDC warned
On receiving the brand new motor equipment, the Ag. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Geoffrey Nkurunzinza thanked the government through the Office of the Prime Minister's (OPM) Office for providing
Masindi with a new vehicle. He said the vehicle costed over 180 Million Shillings.
Nkurunzinza commended the NUSAF III District Coordinator for exhibiting excellent performance since the OPM's Office has rewarded the District with a new NUSAF III Vehicle that will run effectively the programs
under NUSAF III.
The NUSAF III District Coordinator William Mugisa thanked the government for responding to their call of a new vehicle. Mugisa said, he has been facing a challenge of transport during the monitoring of NUSAF III
Projects because the NUSAF II Vehicle had mechanical problems and would usually break down during field activities.