Masindi Receives Hybrid Beans from OWC Worth 600 Bags

Monday, September 28, 2020

By Brian Atuhura.
Masindi District on Tuesday 22nd September received 600 bags of Hybrid beans NABBE 17 from Operation Wealth Creation.
Speaking during the distribution exercise held at the Resident District Commisioner's (RDC) gardens, the Deputy RDC Bahebwa Longino said that the consignment of beans that was received contains 600 bags each bag weighing 10 Kgs
meaning that the bags in total were 6,000 Kgs.
Bahebwa explained that, the beans are meant for Women Special Interest Groups. "The Youth Groups, Women Council, Older Persons, Persons With Disabilities, HIV Groups, Historicals, Parents of Children with Disabilities and Food Security Farmer Groups" he said.
Meanwhile =, the Deputy RDC advised the Group Leaders to distribute the items equitably to the members and he also asked the beneficiries to plant the beans timely in order to reap high yields.
He however warnedFarmers not to eat the beans because they contain poisonous coatings which may cause Health Complications if consumed.