Ministry Officials Appreciate NUSAF III Performance in Masindi

Friday, September 4, 2020

By Brian Atuhura
Officials from the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance on Wednesday 2nd September embraced the performance of the Third Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF III) in Masindi District.
Led by Kambarage Kakonge a Commissioner in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, the team visited selected NUSAF III Projects with the guidance of the District NUSAF III Co-ordinator
William Mugisa to monitor the performance of NUSAF Projects and the Programs and also to find out whether government funds are being put under good use.
Some of the visited NUSAF Projects included Nyangahya Watershed, Itchwabitengo Watershed and Biraizi Upper Watershed.
In Nyangahya Watershed, Officials visited Diary animals in Kikwanana Cell and Kamurasi Cell plus Community Access Roads under NUSAF III Program. The animals visited were in good condition and
they had improved the livelihoods and household income of the beneficiaries and also the Community Access Roads were constructed and maintained well. The beneficiaries in Nyangahya Watershed thanked
NUSAF III Coordinator for providing them with diary cattle which have improved their household income and have paid school fees out of milk sales and many have constructed permanent houses.
The ICT Ministry Officials later visited Itchwabitengo watershed in Kahaara Village, Miirya Subcounty. The NUSAF III beneficiaries in Kahaara Village are engaged in afforestation and dairy farming.
The Officials observed that the trees planted on a twelve acre piece of land were in good condition and that the trees were being looked after well.
The Officials later made their last visit at Biraizi Upper Watershed located in Kisindizi Cell, Kihuuba Ward in Karujubu Division.
In this area, the NUSAF III groups are engaged in Fish Farming and Officials toured the two Fish Ponds which are still under construction.
They observed that the water levels were still low and that the site was favorable for fish farming. They however advised group members dealing in Fish Farming to protect the Fish Ponds to allow Future Generations
to also benefit from Fish Farming.