Protect Government property! CAO

Thursday, December 3, 2020



By Brian Atuhura

The Acting cheif Administative Officer (CAO) Masindi, Geoffrey Nkrunziza has urged the locals in the district to safe guard government properties to allow the future generation to also benefit from the resources.

Nkrunziza says protecting all propeties that belong to the government entity benefits everbody in the community since the enjoyment of services is for everybody. " help government acquire all these titles of land sothat we conseve for the future generation. Donot encroach on government pieces of land durring night time. Be vigillant and protect the government's pieces of land," the Acting CAO echoed.

He was speaking durring the budget conference for Masindi District Local Government for the financial year 2021/2022 held at the Educational hall last week on thursday.

Speaking on the same budget conference, the District Planner Godfrey Magezi Abwooli revealed that the recently created new sub counties and town council units be..... and operationalise in the next financial year because there are operationalisation funds have not yet been warranted.

He therefore said, they will continue to operate under their mother sub counties.

In his closing remarks, the district vice chairperson, Kassim Kabagonza disclosed that, as leaders they will continue lobbing for a new stake of the government general hospital of the district.