Community Based Services

The Community Based Services Department is one of the major sectors in the District and is composed of;
1-) Probation Youth, Children and Social welfare
2-) Gender, Culture and Community Development
3-) Disability and Elderly and
4-) Labour and Industrial Relations

The Department contributes to the overall District Mission through Promotion of Social Development, which involves positive transformation of beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and practices of people within households, communities and groups.

The District has:-

  • The ratio of CDAs/CDOs to the community: 1:8,410

          1 CDA: for 8410 persons (one CDA for every person) or 1 Community Development staff per 1402 Households.

  • Number of Community Based Organizations: 1,633
  • Number of women Groups: 45
  • Number of FAL Instructors by sex: 47 Females, 63 Males
  • Number of NGOs in the district: 11
  • Ratio of CDAs/CDOs to the community: 1 staff per 1402 Households
  • Youth Groups: 134
  • Emyooga 1,554