The Finance department is composed of 6 sectors which includ: Audit, the Procurement Unit and Planning Unit. It is one of the biggest departments in the District whose objectives are to;

    • Identify and expand the revenue base:
    • build Finance and Management Capacity at district level; and
    • Strengthen Data Management systems, Revenue VRS and to influence demographic trends & patterns in a desirable direction.

Planning and Budgeting Process

The District carries out bottom-up planning approach. Planning meetings are held at various levels. In 2010/11, the following meetings were held at all levels. You will note that the number of meetings at village level were small due to lack of facilitation.

Number of Planning Meetings

Planning Level

Number of planning meetings held





S/county (Including Town Council)


District (TPC)


The Budget desk is mandated by law to review budgets and plans and to ensure equitable resource allocation. In the F/Y 2010/11, 12 TPC meetings were held.