58% of Households in Musoma village Don’t wash their hands after visiting a Latrine-Health Survey Report

Thursday, March 24, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
According to the District Health Survey Report, released by the Masindi District Health Inspector Martin Kayi Drabo, showed that 58% of households in Musoma Village, Kahembe Parish in Bwijanga Sub-county Masindi district don’t wash their hands after answering nature calls.
The report further revealed that, 43% of the mothers were either cooking from open shades or houses something Drabo said was risky as this could likely lead to the spread of diseases caused by dirty environments.
He was speaking to residents of Musoma village while at Bwijanga Secondary School on Tuesday this week during the crowning of the sanitation week that commenced from 15th March to 22rd March 2022 and held under the Theme “Good Sanitation and Hygiene for Strengthening COVID 19 Response”.
Speaking as the Chief Guest, the Secretary for Social Services Sylvia Karungi appealed to locals to maintain proper hygiene in their homesteads in order to prevent diseases caused by poor sanitation.
On her part, the Secretary for Finance Pamela Nyakato, disclosed that there is need for spreading the activities for health and sanitation a cross the district, if the goal of the campaign is to be achieved.
She also urged the locals to practice hygiene skills that they have learnt through out the week.

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