Climate Asset Management Project launched in Masindi

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
In abid to improve livelihoods, food security and resilience to climate change in Uganda, World Vision yesterday launched a5 year Climate Change grant project called Climate Asset Management Project (CAM) to be implemented in Masindi district.
According to Sensio Ikiriza,the Project Coordinator from World Vision,the 5 year project will commence from this year 2023-2027.
He explained that, the project outcomes will bare the following fruits, degraded land scapes will be rehabilitated, enforcement of high quality policy and legislation on land and water management will be improved, community members and other relevant stakeholders will be able to adapt to climate change and related eco system risks and increased participation in climate resilient value chains that support ever greening practices.
Speaking during the same inception meeting to launch the project while in the district council chambers,the District Chairperson, Cosmas Byaruhanga welcomed the project saying that the project is key in the restoration of the environment as the district has for long grappled with the tree planting policy.

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