Fish Farmers in Masindi Decry Losses Encountered Due to Dead Fish

Monday, May 3, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
Members of Kabalye A and B Fish Farmers Group in Kabalye I Cell in Karujubu Division Masindi Municipality are counting losses after they found over 350 Fish dead floating on top of their Fish Pond.
This Group in November last year, received over 650 Fish Fingerlings under NUSAF 3 Project and of these 300 were Tilapia while 350 were cut fish.
Prudence Alituha, the Principal Fisheries Officer Masindi said that, her Office is still investigating circumstances under which the fish could have died.
She however revealed that, She is suspecting that the fish could have received poisoning due to mis-use of herbicides which were sprayed from the surrounding crops at the Fish Pond and She also pointed out lack of sufficient oxygen from the water since Farmers have spent nearly a week without allowing in in-flow and out-flow of water.
She has therefore, advised the Fish Farmers not to eat the fish, but should instead smoke it as they wait to receive a report on the cause of their death since samples have been taken to Entebbe for Examination.

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