Masindi district council approves budget estimates worth Shs 32.6 billions for the FY 2023/2024

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District Council yesterday, approved Budget Estimates of shs 32,627,905,000 for the new financial year 2023/2024 with amendments.
Presenting the Budget Estimates of the new financial year, during a council session held in the District Council Chambers,the Secretary for Finance, Planning,Administration and Investment Pamela Nyakato, explained that the monthly pension decreased from shs 1,703,064,184 to shs 683,248,404 while the District Un Conditional Grant Non Wage was also decreased from shs 743,426,832 to shs 607,669,809.
She said that,other new funds were introduced which included monitoring of UGIFT program at shs 15,000,000 and District Service Commission at shs 18,000,406.
The budget break down was read as below;Local revenue was allocated shs 1,414,970,000, Discretionary Government Transfers were allocated shs3,869,547,000, Conditional Government Transfers were allocated shs25,309,267,000,Other Government Transfers were allocated shs 1,097,208,000 while External Financing (Donor)funds were shs 936,913,000.
The expenditure breakdown at departmental level was read as below;Administration was allocated shs 2,445,363,000,Finance allocated shs290,011,000, Statutory Bodies allocated shs595,421,000, Production and Marketing allocated shs1,266,739,000,Health allocated shs9,350,513,000, Education and Sports allocated shs13,667,638,Roads -Engineering allocated shs1,936,008,0000, Engineering -Water allocated shs560,941,000, Natural Resources allocated shs458,427,000, Community Based services allocated shs403,532,000, Planning allocated shs209,991,000, Internal Audit allocated shs73,873,000 and Trade Industry and Local Economic Development (TILED) allocated shs 78,540,000.

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