Masindi district council embraces the IRAS

Sunday, November 13, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
The Council of Masindi District Local Government has unanimously welcomed the digitalisation of revenue collection and enhancement.
Masindi, is among the 19 districts that have been selected for rolling out the pilot of the "IRAS", adigital system that will be used to ease revenue collection which will replace the manual approach which has had challenges in realizing timely revenue collection.
This system has advantages which among others include; improving performance of local revenue and administration, improving revenue instant reporting and decision making in budgeting processes, minimizing revenue leakages, eliminating the human interference in revenue collection, eliminating forgeries of revenue documents and many others.
The Local Government Finance Commission, will this FY 2022/2023,provide roll out funds worth Shs 269 million to the beneficiary districts.
The system is expected to be operational by 1st July next year in 2023.
This was revealed, by the Secretary for Finance, Pamela Nyakato as she was supplementing on the Finance Committee report that was presented by the Female District Youth Councillor, Evelyn Ayebale, during Friday's council plenary that was held in the district council chambers.

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