Masindi District Council hails Flavia Kusiima for grabbing aGold medal of Drafts competition

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District Council today recognized Flavia Kusiima for having won aGold medal in Drafts competition that were recently held in Lusaka Zambia.
Kusiima is aborn of Binyinya Cell, Kikwanana Ward, Nyangahya Division in Masindi Municipality Masindi district.
She has competed at different Draft tournaments winning four Silver medals and one Gold medal.
After emerging victorious at the International competitions in Lusaka Zambia,she was honored with catch phrase called,"Title of the woman International Drafts Federation Master of the year,2023.
The District Female Youth Councilor, Evelyne Ayebale raised the motion during the Council session and she received overwhelming support from councilors.

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