Masindi district council passes motion to upgrade Budongo Forest Reserve

Thursday, December 8, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi district council has today unanimously passed amotion to pave way for the upgrade of Budongo Forest Central Reserve into aNational park status.
The motion was moved by the Sec.for Production Geoffrey Kiiza Bigabwa during an extra ordinary council plenary that was held in the district council chambers.
George Owesigyire,a Commissioner from the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities explained that allot of wild animals have been endangered and depleted by human beings.
He expressed concern over the population of Elephants which are hardly 8,000 while that of the lions has also reduced as well as that of Chimpanzees and yet they generate allot of revenue to government.
He has therefore,asked the district council to embrace the upgrade inorder to protect the natural spieces within Budongo Forest.

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