Masindi District Councillors urged to have peaceful deliberations

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District Chairperson, Cosmas Byaruhanga has urged district councillors to respect the norms of council while deliberating inorder to have peaceful council sessions.
Byaruhanga says,"failing to respect each other during council plenary sessions,will not move the district forward but will cause it's retardation".
He therefore, challenged councillors to use the induction training to start from a fresh note and exhibit harmony in council.
He was addressing councillors today while opening an induction training on capacity building in the district council chambers and organized by the Ministry of Local Government.
Speaking in the same training,the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Robert Abia Owilli welcomed the training and said this will address some of the challenges affecting decentralization in Local Governments.
He also requested for the dissemination of findings after the team from Ministry of Local Government has traversed the country.
Officials from Ministry of Local Government have today I ducted councillors on their roles,norms and procedures of council.
The councillors said,the training has come at the time when the Financial Year has started and they pledged to hold peaceful deliberations to achieve much.

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