Masindi District Launches Immunisation Campaign Against COVID-19

Thursday, March 18, 2021

By Brian Atuhura

Masindi District yesterday Launched the vaccination against COVID-19 at Masindi General Hospital and the Ag. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Geoffrey Nkurunziza took the first jab.

Addressing Health Workers shortly after taking the jab, Nkurunziza confirmed that the vaccine is not painfull and he urged the General Public to embrace the vaccination in order to avert COVID-19 Pandemic. He however cautioned against rumours that are circulating about Astrazeneca Vaccine ineffectiveness saying that they are false and have no baseline and that those who will continue spreading false rumours about the vaccine will be delt with in accordance with the Law.

A number of Health Workers were also vaccinated immediately after the Ag. CAO, the Principal Human Resource Officer and the Principal Internal Auditor took the jab.

According to the Assistant District Health Officer (Maternal and Chid Health) Brian Mugisha, after the completion of health workers, Teachers of both Government and Private Learning Institutions will follow, Security Agencies, Prisoners and Poeple aged 50 and above and those aged 18 years and above but with severe complications and are at risk of getting COVID-19

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