Masindi District Launches Mass COVID 19 Vaccination Campaign

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi District yesterday, launched the mass COVID 19 vaccination campaign aimed at immunizing the masses against the deadly COVID 19 virus.
Speaking during the launch held at Masindi General Hospital Vaccination Center, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (D/RDC), Richard Tabaaro appealed to the residents of masindi to turn up in big numbers for the mass vaccination as a way of boosting the body immune system against COVID 19 virus.
He added, "We can't allow to stay in a lock down due to some few individuals who don't want to get vaccinated because of misconceptions about the jabs".
Speaking at the same event, the Acting District Health officer Patrick Baguma disclosed that the district received two types of vaccines Astra-zeneka 6000 dozes while Pfizer 173094 dozes.
He also explained that, this time the vaccines are enough to vaccinate everyone aged 18 and above and that the immunization is free of charge.
The seven day mass COVID 19 vaccination which started on Monday 13th December will end on Sunday 19th December 2021.
Meanwhile, the District Vice Chairperson Kassim Kabagonza, appreciated the people who have turned up for the vaccination exercise.
However, He asked those that had not yet turned up for the exercise to embrace it and get the jabs, as this will be a measure to open the schools and economy at large.

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