Masindi Health Boss Vows to Arrest Corrupt Health Workers

Thursday, April 22, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
The Ag District Health Officer (DHO) Patrick Baguma has vowed to arrest corrupt Public Health Officers who are Extorting money from patients who come to seek for Medical Services in Public Health Facilities.
Addressing Health Workers during a Performance Review Meeting on Immunization held yesterday in the District Council Chambers, Baguma mentioned Bwijanga Health Centre IV and Masindi General Hospoital as the Leading Health Facilities with many cases of extortion of money from Patients.
He said the Health Workers who will be netted in the truck of extortion, will be arrested by Security Agencies and even Demoted.
Geoffrey Nkurunziza, the Ag. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) called upon other Health Workers to emulate the good performance of Kitanyata and Alimugonza Health Centres in order to improve on the Immunization Coverage.

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