Masindi passes motion not in favor of Buliisa break away from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom

Friday, November 18, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
Masindi district council yesterday, unanimously passed amotion not to allow Buliisa district to sesseed from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.
This came during a council plenary when the District Councillor for Kigulya Division Pascal Businge raised a matter of public concern of the Bagungu seeking to break away from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to pave way to start thier own Kingdom for reasons yet to be known.
While unpacking the reason as to why the council needs strongly not to allow the break away, Zacceaus Mweitegya aKingdom official from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, revealed if Bugungu is allowed to go,then Bunyoro will have lost asection of it's historical cultural heritage and that this would influence other marginalized ethnic groups in Bunyoro to also follow suit.
According to Mweitegya,the forces who are spearheading the breakaway are doing it with ill motives and to fulfill thier selfish interests.
"Let's fight the breakaway,after uniting and having harmony,we shall hold talks to resolve meager challenges for those who feel neglected by the Kingdom.", Mweitegya said.

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