Masindi Unveils Budget Performance for FY 2020/21-Todate

Friday, November 5, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Masindi, Phionah Sanyu, has revealed the Budget Performance for the Financial Year 2020/21-Todate indicating insufficient funds dispersed to the District Coffers something she says has contributed to the under performance of some sectors.
She said, according to Budget releases of the current Financial Year running from 1st July to date, the Budget stands at shillings 36.7 billions and of this shillings 14.7 billions has so far been received by the District representing 40%. Out of the 40% releases, the expenditure standards at 19% while under expenditure is mainly due to delays in capital works.
She added that, by the end of the financial year 2020/21 out of the shillings 35 billions ,only 24 billion shillings was received by the District Coffers representing 71%.
She urged the local leaders to take note of the serious short fall towards the Budget Performance in the last financial year.
She was speaking during the Budget Conference event which was held on Tuesday this week at the Education Hall.
Speaking at the same event, the District Chairperson, Cosmas Byaruhanga appealed to the fellow leaders not to look at the Budget only as the solution to the challenges affecting the service delivery but also to look at other factors.
The Budget Conference was among others attended by; The District Executive Committee members (DEC),the District Technical Planning Committee (DTPC) members, Members of Parliament , the Religious leaders, leaders of the Business Community and Opinion leaders.

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