Masindi's Budget Performance for FY 2022/23 at 106%

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer(DCAO) Masindi, Emmanuel Awio has disclosed that the district scored 106% in it's Budget Performance for last FY 2022/2023.
Addressing stakeholders during today's Budget Conference for the FY 2024/2025 that was held at the Education Hall,Awio told the stakeholders that Local revenue for the previous FY stood at 74% out of the budgeted shs 930million while shs 1.2billions representing 103% was registered under Discretionary Government Transfers while Conditional Grant Transfers stood at 115% and the over performance of these two sources was due to supplementary budget.
He further said,out of the revised budget for the previous FY of shs 34.2 billions,the spending capacity was 87% while the releases were 91%.
The Budget Conference was held under the theme,"Full Monetization of Uganda's Economy through Commercial Agriculture,Industrialization, Expanding and Broadening Services, Digital Transformation and Market Access".
Speaking as he closed the conference,the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC),Sanon Dhaala,lauded implementing partners saying that they have supported development in the district.

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