Masindi's New RDC Speaks Tough on Absenteeism and Acountability

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

By Brian Atuhura
The New Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Masindi District Emmy Ngabirano has warned Technocrats against absenteeism and failure to account for public funds.
Ngabirano said that for the few days he has so far worked in the District, he has already observed absenteeism of a section of Sub-county Chiefs when he recently went to commission one of the roads in the Sub-county accompanied with the District Leaders and a Sub-county Chief wasn't around.
He also said that he has learnt that the Health Sector is still grappling with accountability issues and he said the Ministry of Health has expressed concern over this matter.
He has therefore, tasked the Chief Administrative Officer to crack a whip on the Officer who have fallen victims of absenteeism and un accounted funds especially in the Health Sector.
The RDC sounded a warning yesterday during the District Council Session.
He later on added that he will soon organize a familiarization Tour in the Lower Local Governments to specifically meet the LC 1 Chairpersons and that he will be accompained with The District Leadership and a few Technocrats to address issues of service delivery during the Barazas.
During yesterday's Council Meeting, The Councilors approved the Integrated Annual Work Plan for the Financial Year 2022/2023 and in the same vein the Budget Estimates for the Financial Year were laid and will be discussed and Approved in the Subsequent Council Sitting.

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