State Minister for Public Service lauds Bunyoro Sub-Region for handling PDM well

Thursday, March 2, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
The State Minister for Public Service,Hon.Mary Mugasa has lauded Bunyoro Sub-Region for the progress the region has achieved in implementing the Parish Development Model.
Mugasa says, even if the region has faced challenges of resources in driving PDM,the implementing officers have remained focused towards making the program a success.
She however, pledged to address the critical challenges hindering the technocrats from reaching the intended house hold beneficiaries such as limited transport and facilitation.
She was speaking during an engagement meeting with stakeholders on service delivery that was held yesterday in the district council chambers.
While making a presentation on the status of land in the district,the District Forest Officer, Simon Biryetega said that out of the total area of the district land which is 18,608 acres,14,354 acres are owned privately.
The total area land under the district Local Government is 4,254 acres and of this 97 acres are for Health Centers,623 acres are for Schools while 3,550 acres are for other developers.
Only 280 acres of the total district land are registered representing 6.6% implying that 93.4% of the district land is not registered.
He mentioned challenges affecting the district pieces of land from registration which among include, limited staff to do the work, encroachment on most pieces of land ,unclear records of given land and others.
In her remarks,the Secretary for Finance, Pamela Nyakato who represented the District Chairperson, called for cooperation in implementing government programs.

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