Sugarcane Farmers in Masindi Urged to Form a Cooperative Union

Thursday, September 2, 2021

By Brian Atuhura
Sugarcane Farmers in Masindi have been urged to formulate a Cooperative Union to enable them demand for better Sugarcane prices.
Speaking to Sugarcane Association Leaders yesterday during an Interface Meeting with the Trade and Commercial Office held in the District Council Chambers, The Ag. Principal Commercial Officer Moses Kalyegira said that Sugarcane Farmers in the District need to form Cooperative Union which will enable them have one voice and this will assist them to advocate for better prices which will improve on their Livelihoods.
Recently, The Sugarcane Farmers have decried of low prices, accusing Kinyara Sugar Company of failing to accord them the current market price hence many cane Farmers have been demoralized.
Speaking during his closing remarks, The Senior Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Fred Kisembo assured the Sugarcane Farmers that the District wont let them down in persiut of a cooperative union.

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