Uganda to export crude oil by 2025

Thursday, September 21, 2023

By Brian Atuhura
Uganda will export crude oil by 2025 since all projects have acquired production licences and have reached the maturity stage.
This has been revealed today,by Samuel Mugisa from Petroleum Authority Uganda (PAU) during a quarterly stakeholders engagement meeting with Total Energies that was held in the district council chambers.
Mugisa noted that,over 600km of the oil roads have been constructed within Bunyoro Sub-Region with the aim of improving market accessibility.
He disclosed that,with the oil exploration nearing,the communities in the districts of Masindi, Hoima and Buliisa should tap into the economic opportunity of supplying food items to the refinery since the project dubbed Kasurubani block funded by Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) will operate in these districts.
Speaking as he closed the engagement,the District Vice Chairperson Kassim Kabagonza, lauded Total Energies for always updating stakeholders on the activities in the refinery and also providing employment opportunities to the natives within the Albertine Graben.

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